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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers go out every night feeding cats on the Big Island of Hawaii and pay for the food out of their own pocket.   Our island cat colonies live in a harsh environment.  The volunteers also have to carry gallons of fresh water in addition to cat food as there are no sources of fresh water on the  Kona side of the island.  Our non-profit organization is dedicated to providing food for the  volunteer feeders.

feral cat clinic

We work with local TNR charities

We work closely with a number of Big Island non-profit organizations that help with TNR (Trap-Nueter-Return) for the feral cats.   While these wonderful charity organizations offer free spay/neuter services for the cats there is a desperate need to help with feeding cats once they are returned back into their colonies.   


What we do with your donations

Every dollar donated to our non-profit organization Feed the Kitty (formerly Pussycat Pantry) goes to purchasing cat food for the feral cats.  Without volunteers feeding cats in numerous local cat colonies many cats would suffer from dehydration and  malnutrition. Many people believe that the cats should just eat mice and rats.  They do!  However  there are no sources of fresh  water on the Kona side of the big island of Hawaii and most of the cats live in very barren conditions.

Local Charities we Partner with


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We work closely with another Big Island non-profit organization advoCATS that uses a Trap-Neuter-Return Program to control over-population among the colonies. They provide monthly free clinics in Kona and bi-monthly in Oceanview. The cats are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated, (tested for feline leukemia/aids if kittens to be adopted out) and treated for worms and fleas. Since they started in 1999 they have spayed and tenured over 21,024 cats! While they are not in the business of feeding cats, they graciously  donate  bags of cat food to us on a monthly  basis to help our volunteer feeders.

Visit AdvoCATS website

Kona Foster Felines

Kona Foster Felines logo cat with a flower on it's ear and Hawaii island silhouette as a nose

Having being spayed or neutered at an advoCATS or CatSnip clinic, a lot of the kittens rescued from the colonies can be socialized and adopted to loving forever homes.  The cats can be adopted by reaching out to us,  Kona Foster Felines, KARES, or Catsnip.  Volunteers take their fostered cats and kittens to the Kona Petco adoption days (usually Saturdays and Sundays.) We can arrange for a meeting at the foster parent's home.  Foster moms and dads are always needed and we can help with cat food. 

Visit Kona Foster Felines on FaceBook


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We work with another non-profit organization CatSnip that provides scheduled cat clinics in the Hawi area. The cats are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated, (tested for feline leukemia/aids if kittens to be adopted out) and treated for worms and fleas. They also foster and adopt out kittens /cats.

Email:  catsnip007@gmail.com



 Kohala Animal Relocation and Education Service or KARES is a non-profit organization that serves the people and animals throughout Hawaii Island.  KARES is dedicated to providing rescue of abandoned and abused dogs and cats, temporary shelter in  foster care homes and finding adoption homes for our island homeless  pets. 

Visit KARES website

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You can help!

Volunteer to feed the cats

Volunteer to foster the cats

OR simply donate $ for cat food.  

Your support and contributions will enable us to improve conditions for the abandoned kitties here on our island.  A Big Meow Mahalo!

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